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Providing Quality Care One Patient at a Time

Pittsburgh Safety & Health EMS

PGH Safety Event Medic

Pittsburgh Safety and Health EMS Division brings you Quality Ambulance Transportation with National/PA State Certified Medical Providors 24 Hours, 7 Days a week.  Our Highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians will have your family members feeling comfortable during their ride while they are closely monitored for safety.

PGH Safety & Health Event Medic Division is prepared to serve you whenever safety is a key concern.
As events become more and more extreme, the need for experienced EMS personnel has increased. The Local EMS systems providing these services can be very expensive, and difficult to contract, but with Pittsburgh Safety & Health Event Medic, we provide a cheaper, more stable solution for your Event Medical needs without the high costs and the possibility of affecting the local municipalities ems.

Having Pittsburgh Safety & Health EMS and Event Medic as your provider of emergency services for your sporting/special events will decrease the workload, lower costs and provide the security you need in knowing your event is medically secured. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your entire calendar is covered months in advance.

Pittsburgh Safety & Health EMS

Your Choice provider for Medical Ambulance Transportation, as well as your Ambulance Medical Standby needs.  Our Highly trained PA State, and Nationally Certified EMT’s & Paramedics will provide the best Patient care possible when it comes to your loved ones.

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Local, and Long Distance Transports availible.


Pittsburgh Safety & Health Event Medic

Our Events Division can provide EMT’s, Paramedics, Pre-Hospital Registered Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Physician Assistants, and Physicians to assist in keeping your Athletes protected in case of injury.  We Specialize in Medical Event Managment and can assist with coordinating, and facilitating all your Special Event Medical Planning needs, as well as providing the EMT/Paramedic and BLS Ambulance Medical Coverage for your event.


Need Training?

Pittsburgh Safety Consultants provides the instructors, and tools needed to conduct the training you need.

Training Available

First Aid
EVDT – VFIS Emergency Vehicle Driver Training


Are you an EMT, MEDIC, RN, PA, Athletic Trainer, or Physician? Work with us!  We’re always Hiring!!!!!

Our Team

Meet our Administrative Team here at Pittsburgh Safety & Health EMS & PGH Safety Event Medic.

Dariusz Wolman

EMS Chief & CEO

Mr. Wolman has 28 years of health care experience, which includes management, research, emergency medicine, and emergency preparedness/management.

Thomas Perez

EMS Assistant Chief & VP of Operations

25 years experience in Public Safety within EMS, Law Enforcement, Fire Service and Emergency Managment.

David Behrman

Event Operations/Training Manager

17 Years of experience between EMS, Fire/Rescue and Education/Training, as well as Emertgency managment.

Mike Simms

Assistant Event Operations Manager

Waiting on Bio


Alex Morrison

Administrative Manager

2 Years in EMS as an EMT, 

MedicalTransportation at it’s Best

Pittsburgh Safety & Health EMS,  believes that transporting your loved ones should be handled in the same manor as if we were transporting our own family members.  So rest assured that we take every step necessary to ensure that our patients are treated with the utmost respect, and the highest levels of compassion and dignety.

BLS Transport

Provider of Basic Life Support Services staffed by EMT’s for Emergency, and Non-Emergency Transportation both local, and long distance.

BLS Ambulance Standbys

Have an Event in which an ambulance is required for medical standby and transport of any sick, or injured, We can provide those services for you.

Some of our Happy Clients

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Here at Pittsburgh Safety Event Medic, we pride ourselves in keeping your athletes safe while continuing to do what they love, and thats play the game.

We understand that the safety of your athletes is of utmost importance, thats why our PA, and Nationally registered EMT’s, Paramedics, Pre-Hospital Registered Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Physicians Assistants, and Physicians will be on standby in case any of your athletes get injured while playing the game. 

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